Thought leader, Rita Perea, delivers real leadership ROI

You deserve a solid return on your professional development investments… and that is precisely what you can expect when you partner with Rita Perea Leadership Coaching and Consulting. According to study results published by Manchester, Inc., companies that obtained coaching services for their executives realized an average six-fold return on investment in the following areas: Productivity, Quality, Organizational Strength, Increased Social Capital, Bottom-line Profitability.

Rita Perea shares innovative, yet time-tested strategies through one-on-one coaching to help team leaders, managers, directors, executives and those in the C-suite reach their highest level.

Rita offers the following Coaching Opportunities:

Executive Coaching Programme

Outstanding executives continually strive to enhance their leadership skills in order to successfully communicate with employees and customers. Rita Perea works with key decision makers to craft a customized program focused on organizational performance and personal development.  One-on-one sessions provide behavioral insights that help leaders thrive in their professional environment. Simply put, effective management training accelerates business results.

Rita specializes in working with senior leaders to successfully establish executive presence, lead high-performing teams, engage employees, manage change and create work/life balance. As an experienced executive herself, Rita brings a powerful blend of passion and professionalism to those she coaches in both private- and public-sector organizations.

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Aspiring Leaders Coaching Programme

You know that you have leadership potential but you want to learn how to lean in to manage others and achieve leadership mastery. What does your personal branding say about you as a professional? What does the political landscape look like? When is being eager to excel too ambitious? Rita will share her years of front-line executive experience to help you become the kind of aspiring leader that seasoned veterans will want to mentor, sponsor and open career doors for.

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Work/Life Balance Coaching Programme

Does life feel out of control? Did you used to have a handle on life until it broke? Rita Perea is a certified work-life balance specialist who helps busy professionals recalibrate all of the important areas of work and life. By working with Rita you can achieve the clarity and the confidence you need to move forward toward your new happy and healthy life.

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Career Transition Coaching Programme

The life of an active professional is always changing. As it does, many professionals choose to evaluate their goals and recalibrate. Whether you are contemplating a career change, going back to school, or simply want to grow within your current work environment, Rita Perea will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to make future career and life decisions. Together, you will identify the factors that influence your career development, such as your interests, abilities, values, personality, background and circumstances. Once your strengths and goals have been identified, Rita will help chart a course for success.

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Communications Coaching Programme

Communicating is an art form that is invaluable professionally and personally. When it is time to improve your interpersonal skills, call Rita Perea. Regardless of your professional position, honing communications skills can have a profound impact on your success. Rita can help you improve presentation skills, develop proactive mediation, or craft talking points that are dynamic and effective. Customer relations professionals, personnel departments and leadership teams all benefit from comprehensive communications coaching.

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Business and Consciousness Coaching Programme

Times of ongoing change and transformation in business have profound effects on us as individuals, as leaders and those we are leading. Some are called to be servant leaders and are asked to share their leadership gifts for the highest good of all. Rita Perea is a certified Spiritual Director who specializes in helping business leaders not only rethink, but transform their work and the world.

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