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Put Down Your Device! Pick Up This Book! Unplug and Get A Life!

As a business leader, aspiring manager or business owner, are you barely surviving at work and in life? As you navigate this rapidly changing digital world, do your days feel disjointed, out of control and chaotic?

Or, are you one of the lucky fabulous few waking up each morning feeling self-confident, pulled together and ready to take on the world to achieve success?

In this book, business strategist, executive coach, speaker and author, Rita Perea, shares Buddha-inspired wisdom and tactical success strategies to help you:


  • Thrive in the new gig economy
  • Increase your focus and connection through meditation
  • Detox from digital devices to cultivate the maker-side of your brain
  • Dump the drama to free up your internal disk storage space
  • Identify, and deal with, energy suckers at work and at home
  • Change your job if it’s draining your inner battery
  • Take action to live the best version of your highest self



Every Book Purchase Makes a Difference

Rita Perea Leadership Coaching and Consulting, Inc. strives to be a socially responsible corporation (CSR).

A portion of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to quality programs which support children, adults and families coping with domestic violence and mental illness.

Thank you for supporting this important work with your purchase of From Frantic to Fabulous: How to Raise Your Energy, Tame Your Work and Transform Your World in the Digital Age.

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