Rita’s most requested presentations:

Elevating Employee Engagement:

A Tool Kit for Exceptional Supervisors

A recent Gallup workplace poll suggests that 61% of all American workers received no praise during the past year.  As managers and leaders, we attract and hire the best talent for the job.  What are the best practices to engage and retain our talent? In this interactive presentation you will receive a tool kit of best practices to:

  • Creating a positive team culture and work environment
  • Enhance team communication
  • Give positive and constructive feedback
  • Engage and motivate employees
  • Evaluate performance
  • Get individuals and the team back on track

Rita will show you how to elevate your employee engagement.

Ethics for Professionals

Leaders, managers, business owners and licensed professionals make hundreds of decisions during the course of their work each day. What are the ethical principles that govern their decisions? Do they ‘always do the right thing’ to gain the trust of clients and employees? What are the negative consequences of unethical decision making?

In this presentation Rita will share:

  • What ethical behavior is and isn’t?
  • Why ethical behavior is important
  • What the negative consequences of unethical behavior could be
  • Developing a personal and professional code of conduct
  • Making the right decision
  • Putting ethics into practice

This presentation can be customized to meet the needs of specific licensed professional groups.

Speaking with Confidence

Speaking in public is one of the top fears that we face. To reach our business goals and leadership aspirations, speaking with confidence is a critical skill to learn and apply. Whether you are speaking one-on-one with customers and clients or presenting to thousands, Rita Perea will share the confidence-building techniques she has gained from her 25+ years of being a public speaker. Speaking with Confidence will teach you: What to do before a presentation to calm your jitters; How to win your audience over in the first 30 seconds; How to use emotion effectively and appropriately; How and when to tell a story; How to master the tools of public speaking; How to close a presentation to get 100% audience buy-in. Let Rita help you push past your fear of public speaking.

Making Connections: Becoming a Sponsorable Woman

You may have had an informal mentor, but research shows having a sponsor may be a differentiator when striving to reach your career goals. Sponsors are leaders who will put their reputation on the line to promote you and your career. The problem is sponsors are busy people and selective about who they promote.
What do you need to do differently to be someone others will want to sponsor? Rita will share effective, research-based practices for becoming a sponsorable woman, including:

  • Executive Presence and Personal Branding – what they are and how you develop them
  • Speaking with Confidence – capture the attention of others by speaking with power, not fear
  • Multi-generational Communication – the dos and don’ts of communicating with senior leaders
  • Balancing Your Work and Your World – being exceptional does not mean giving up self-care

Rita will help audience members develop strategies to make connections and become mentionable, sponsorable, and promotable.

Navigating Personal and Professional Change:

Charting Your Course for Success

Today we are facing many changes in our work and in our personal lives. Some are planned; some just happen. All can be challenging. We often feel tossed around and as if we are crashing against the rocks. We find ourselves wondering if life will ever get back to normal again. If we understand the best way to navigate a change, whether that change is a choice or one we can’t control, we can move through the transition with more ease. Rita will show you how to navigate the high seas of change.

Mobilizing the Potential of Your High-Performing Team:

Setting the Standard for Self-Understanding

Emotional Intelligence is founded on self-understanding. Using the DISC profile as a backdrop for exploring workplace behaviors, communication preferences and leadership styles, this presentation provides a non-judgmental language for exploring high-performing teams that:

  • Understand their own behaviors
  • Learn how and when to adapt their behaviors
  • Improve communication
  • Promote appreciation of differences
  • Enhance individual and team performance
  • Reduce conflict
  • Create and maintain relationships
  • Manage difficult conversations

Let Rita show you how to create self-awareness and high-performance with your team.

Managing the Mysteries of a Multigenerational Workplace

Today, for the first time ever, four generations are working side-by-side in the American workplace. Organizations are feeling the pain of generation gaps as they struggle to manage productivity and morale, while maintaining high standards of quality and service in a challenging economy. As leaders and managers in our organizations, we are pivotal in framing the solutions for the issues created by this new American workforce. This presentation will explore:

  • Identifying generational behaviors that help and hurt an organization
  • Team work – what that looks like for a new generation of workers
  • The best communication across the generations
  • Bridging the gap – multigenreational success stories

Let Rita help your managers stop the madness and effectively maneuver the issues in the multigenerational workplace.

From Frantic to Fabulous:

Transforming Your Work and Your World

One day you wake up and it has happened- you are running around like a hamster on a wheel. You are caught in a revolving door. Your life is O.C…. Out Of Control. You are frantic. You try this and that, working feverishly to get it all under control again. But, nothing works. You have piles of laundry, hundreds of emails, stacks of papers and files all begging for your attention. And you just want to take a nap! There are simple, easy to use tips that can help you thrive fabulously as you transform your work and personal life. This presentation will guide both your thinking and your behaviors through exploring:

  • Frantic: I used to have a handle on life, but it broke
  • The top five obstacles to living a fabulous life and how to overcome them
  • Managing your energy, not your time
  • Practical tips for transforming how you work, beginning today
  • Fabulous: looking good and feeling even better

Contact Rita to help your audience reclaim their frantic lives and become fabulous again.

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