3 step process

Our Process

Coaching and Consulting that delivers real ROI

You deserve a solid return on your investment and that’s exactly what you can expect when you partner with Rita Perea Leadership Coaching and Consulting.  Our unique 3-Step process ensures quality outcomes for you, your team and your organization.

1. Assess

In the real-world work environment our behaviors can either contribute to our success or, if they are challenging, become opportunities for growth.  Step One of our process is about gathering data and information to pin-point behaviors and attitudes that warrant celebration.  We also look at those behaviors that have become obstacles to effective leadership, communication, teamwork and employee engagement.

Gathering data may involve a “getting to know you” meeting with Rita, completing a survey or answering the questions on a series of on-line profiles that will help us define areas of improvement in more depth.

We partner with Wiley Publishing, a trusted name in leadership circles, and utilize individualized behavioral profiles as part of our base-line data.

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2. Align

We don’t offer “off the shelf” products or “quick fix” solutions.  After defining the blockages in attitude and behavior, the fun part begins!  Whether it is a speaking, training or coaching engagement, through a continuous improvement process, a strategic and tactical plan and success strategies are designed and customized to improve alignment of the project with the desired outcomes.

3. Advance

We offer measurable results beyond “feel good” outcomes.  You expect results, and sooner rather than later. Through one-on-one executive coaching, talent development training or  presentations designed to educate and motivate the entire organization, the customized plan is implemented.  Results are measured to ensure the advancement of the organization and a return on investment of time, energy and monetary resources.

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