Executive & Personal Coaching

Rita Perea, Executive & Personal CoachWhether it’s personal or one-on-one executive coaching, Rita Perea brings innovative, yet time-tested, strategies and tactics to your engagement. No gimmicks or magic formulas. Rather, Rita relies on a deeply analytical and systematic approach, fine-tuned through many years of experience. Cornerstone elements of her program include:

  • Pinpointing behaviors and attitudes that have become obstacles to effective leadership, communication, and teamwork
  • Aligning individualized plans of action with nearly two dozen different behavioral profiles, based on years of extensive research and analysis
  • Identifying the unique stimuli that motivate each person to perform at the highest possible level
  • Deploying a tried-and-true system of continuous improvement, starting with an exhaustive needs assessment, then progressing through goal setting, success criteria and strategies, implementation strategies, evaluation, and reporting.

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