The Talent War

What will the workplace look like 10 years from now?

More importantly, how can you get positioned for  it? The “talent war” is only expected to worsen as higher levels of education will be required for jobs. But a huge challenge will exist because the percentage of 25 to 29 year olds with a bachelor degree has decreased over the past decade.

And let’s not forget the record number of baby boomers who will be retiring.

Managing this talent gap is quickly becoming a crucial skill of the new “specialized” CEO. Gone are the days of organizational leaders who knew a little about a lot of things. Boards who are tuned in now realize that they need leaders who can collaborate and cultivate on a global scale.

The great organizations will have visionary leaders who plan for these challenges wisely. The good organizations will try to tread water when the tide turns. And pity the organization that has its head in the sand- they will be washed away to sea, unable to compete in the treacherous game of talent supply and demand.

Where will your organization find itself?

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