A Note From Rita

Dear Colleague:

PenThanks to my own involvement in business, I can identify with the questions you may have about selecting an executive coach or leadership consultant. Will I feel comfortable with this person? Will we get real solutions or canned consulting cliches? And ultimately, will we realize a substantial return on our investment?

I wish I could reach out to you, at this very moment, look you in the eyes, and speak to your concerns. In fact, I hope you and I can chat one-on-one very soon. You see, there’s a lot I simply cannot communicate in a company brochure or web site. I can’t adequately express in words the true nature of my personal bond with my clients. Or the "extra mile" I’m willing to go in supporting these individuals and organizations.

I invite you to get in touch with me at 515-577-5666 or rita@ritaperea.com. Let’s talk about what’s getting in the way of your unbridled success and how I might bring a fresh pair of eyes and a proven set of ideas to address your situation.

It’s my sincere wish that you achieve your full leadership potential!

Warmest Regards,

Rita Perea

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