Mindstorming for the Masters

Dirt_devil So, I am in Florida on a retreat this week. The sun is welcomingly warm. I am spending time looking at my own path to self-actualization, spiritual development and exploring my beliefs. As leaders I think it is important to identify our beliefs and how they impact our actions. Wow!  What a week it has been! 

Have you ever spent time getting the junk out of your closet?  That’s what this feels like…clearing out the junk that I have spent an entire lifetime accumulating between my ears. 

I am calling this process "Mindstorming".  It is a lot like "Brainstorming" in that I am listing the beliefs that I am becoming aware of.  It is also similar to "Mindmapping" because I am trying to trace how I came to believe what I believe.  Where did these beliefs come from?  How did I accumulate them?  Is one belief connected to another? 

The resulting process has been a Mindstorm- the junk in my closet has been all stirred up, just like a bunch of desert dirt devils, as I sift and sort my beliefs.  And, boy, is it  ever dusty in here!

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