Getting Nowhere Fast

Too much to do and not enough time to do it all? Are you rushing, rushing, rushing and getting nowhere fast?

Everyone that I am working with these days — from entrepreneurs to
corporate execs —  is feeling the pinch of being "connected" 24/7 by
technology while still being responsible for all of the other "stuff" in life.
Some people have tried to cope by getting up earlier and earlier each
day; or by going to bed later and later each night. This lack of sleep
only creates fogginess, a loss of focus and makes the problem worse. 

So, what can a person do?

Whether I am working with a person in a personal consulting
arrangement or speaking in front of a large audience, I recommend five
things to help people take back the control of their time which leads
to a happier and healthier life: 

  1. Become self-aware — just how are you spending your time each day?
  2. Identify habits — what are you doing consistently that is
    helping you achieve your goals? What are you doing that is getting in
    the way of your goals?
  3. Create a plan — changing a habit can take some time and elbow
    grease. Hey, you didn’t get this way overnight!  Choose one habit that
    you want to strengthen or change and work daily for 40 days to "build
    those new muscles."
  4. Find support —  research shows us that if we are involved in a
    supportive community then we are more likely to hold ourselves
    accountable for taking the action we need to take. Find a friend, or a
    personal coach, who can hold you accountable in a loving way. And, who
    can help you celebrate each small success on your journey to time
  5. Pay attention to your self talk —  is that little voice in
    your head critical of your efforts? Change that voice to be caring and
    supportive of your new lifestyle habits.

With just self awareness, some focused attention on the habits you
are strengthening and the choices you are making each day, you, too,
can experience fabulous time freedom

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