Are you a whiner?

Complaining is the absolute worst possible thing you could do for your health or your wealth. The worst! … For the next seven days, I challenge you not to complain at all.” ~ T. Harv Eker from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind< Do you complain a lot? Are you a whiner?  Do you know what you're doing when you complain? You're being a victim.  That's right.  You are telling yourself a victim story and living it. Remember, "There is no such thing as a really rich victim."To help you with this, why not try a little exercise T. Harv Eker suggests? The next time you complain, take your finger and slide it across your throat - just like you're slitting your throat. Feels terrible, right?   Exactly the point. Because that's basically what you're doing every time you whine and complain!!! "You can be a victim or you can be rich, but you can't be both. Listen up! Every time, and I mean every time, you blame, justify, or complain, you are slitting your financial throat." ~ T. Harv Eker from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

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