Life is not fair- Get over it and move on.

How many times do you hear people complaining about their lives?  M.Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled, started his entire book with the premise that, and I am paraphrasing here, life is made to have problems.  The sooner we understand, and even welcome, our challenges as opportunities for personal growth,  the better off we will be. 

A few tips for embracing the unfairness of life and moving on: 

(1)  Own your part of the problem.  If you are really honest about it you will find that your bad habit or pattern of behavior contributed to the issue you are dealing with.  

(2)  Learn from the problem.  We are all on this earth to learn life lessons.  What can you learn about yourself from addressing with this challenge? 

(3) If the same problem is showing up again and again, get some professional support to tackle it.  If a money issue keeps popping up, maybe you need the advice of a wealth coach.  Need a different job?  Try seeking the advice of a career coach. Has another relationship crashed and burned? A therapist could help you so you do not repeat past mistakes. 

(4)  Change your thinking, change your life!  Visualize the positive outcomes you want for each problem rather than dwelling on the "Life is not fair!"  negative thinking.  Create a new habit of stopping your negative thinking and replacing it with positive, productive thoughts.  This will do wonders to improve your attitude and build your success. 

Life really can be a bowl of cherries!  We just have to remember to look for the pitts before we take a bite!

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  1. Sng Irene says:

    Being pro-active in pursuing happiness and positive outcome is a key element. No venture, no gain. Just have to try.
    I like your post on this unfairness in life. People are born unequal. This is a fact. It is a matter of how we handle it.

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