Will the Real YOU Please Stand Up?

In a previous post, I shared that January is "Reach Your Potential" month.  Well, how are we doing so far? 

Part of the challenge of reaching our fullest potential is to uncover who we really are- our authentic self– and then live that life.  I call all of that uncovering our "personal excavation work".  Just like using a great big backhoe in a rock quarry, we need to dig deep into our internal bedrock to discover who we are, what we believe and how to behave to create what we want.

Now, instead of a backhoe messing up your living room, you can use some other tools for your personal excavation work.  A tool that I love to use with my clients to help them  move closer to becoming their authentic selves is to have them tell "their story".

Telling "their story" can be done on paper or by talking it through.  The purpose is to identify their own pieces of the authenticity puzzle. Is there one major theme in their story?  What are the high points of their story?  What are the lessons to others from their story?  Is there a new part to the story that they want to add; to create?  Are their behaviors aligned with the story? 

After we do our personal excavation work, the task then becomes living in congruence, every minute of every day, with what we know to be true.  Living our authentic life- our real life.  Getting closer to that potential we are trying to reach.

It is oh, so juicy and satisfying!

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  1. I agree! Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between who you really are and what others have told you about yourself. It’s liberating when you discover who you were created to be!

  2. Rita Perea says:

    Thanks for commenting on my post, Elizabeth! You are so right on target.
    – Rita

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