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We all have "touchstones" in our lives- those ideas, concepts, beliefs and values that we use to measure the authenticity of new ideas, concepts, beliefs and values which come into our awareness.

As a consultant and coach, my primary job is to help people build their capacity to identify what it is they believe, how their beliefs affect their actions, and how those actions impact their results.  Put another way, I help people look at what they want, determine what it will take to get what they want, then identify and deal with beliefs and obstacles that stand in the way.

I developed Touchstone Tuesday to help you, gentle reader, ponder a weekly question that will move you closer to finding your own personal touchstone. And, guess what, there are no "right" answers to these questions.  Just your intuitive sense of things. 

So grab another cup of coffee, sit back at your desk, put your feet up and ponder this touchstone question with me for awhile. Here’s to your quest for authentic results.

When in your life have you had that "on top of the world" feeling? What did you accomplish or achieve to get that feeling?  What can you do today to get that feeling back?

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