A Shout Out to Award-winning Blogging Buddies

Gold_star_blog Like gold stars in a first grade classroom, business awards are wonderful tools of recognition for a job well done.  Today I wanted to give a shout of kudos out to two people who have become good friends through the Central Iowa Bloggers network.  They were both recognized with well-deserved awards this week.

Angela Maiers of Maier Educational Services is a stellar communicator.  An educator with a real heart.  She was awarded the "Best New Blog" award from Orbit Now! and Troy Worman   Way to go!

Timothy Johnson, owner of Carpe Factum Consulting, is smooth as a writer and as a speaker.  He received the "O Blog" award from Troy Worman. Super job!

I have put a gold star on my leadership chart for both of you.  Congratulations.  Thanks for brightening the world with your words of wisdom!

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  1. Thanks Rita… you’re an award winner just for being you. It’s an honor to know you.

  2. Rita, hugs to you! You can get a gold star from me any day!

  3. Rita Perea says:

    Hey there, Tim. Right back at ‘cha! Thanks for the comment.
    – Rita

  4. Rita Perea says:

    Thanks for the comment, Angela. You are such a great friend!
    – Rita

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