Getting Back to Now


"Now is the time.  Now is the best time.  Now is the best time of your life." 

I love the Small World attraction at Epcot Center.  And I LOVE the positive message of it’s theme song.  When things seem to get over whelming or beyond managing, I flip on a picture in my brain of all of these little people twirling around merrily to the uplifting tune.  I remember the soulful look in their diverse eyes and am able to feel their pure love swirling around in the air. And then the magic happens…. I begin to breathe and go back to my center.  To that loving place inside that grounds me and helps me feel safe and warm.

We just lost a beloved family member after several months of round the clock care.  There were days that I was exhausted and scattered beyond belief.  For a few months I had to forget about running a demanding business or having a life.  It was overwhelming.   But, just thinking of these little happy people dancing around joyfully really helped me pull it all together and become calm and clear. Ah, the power of being in the now. This dancing tune is just one of the many centering point strategies that I have in my bag of tricks.

What about you?  When things get tough, do you have a strategy that you use to come back to center- back to now?  What do you do to make the best of it even in the face of adversity? 

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  1. Øyvind says:

    When things get though I lay down close to my 3 month year old daughter and talk to her. She always give me a huge smile back, a smile that melts me. When shes not around I imagine the above and I tell my self that I have years to come, with access to that smile.
    Earlier, when I was yonger and had a cat I kind of did the same. I lay down and let my cat sit on my chest while I talked. The cat purred and we kind of calmed eachother and shared peace.
    Such moments reminds me of whats of importance.
    I liked what you wrote about the Small World. A friend of mine and I drove from Norway to Eurodisney once, we were about 20. Kids around us in the boat at the Small World looked funny at us. We loved it and sang along.

  2. Rita,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.
    When I need to get centered, I find that listening to something positive (an audio or music CD) does the trick. The most important thing is to get out of my own head. And being with other people, especially kids, is the best.

  3. Chris Brown says:

    I love your “it’s a small world” analogy. Its one of my favorite rides too. I think I heard somewhere that they are going to revamp the ride because too many people have exceeded the weight limit in the carts and keep getting stuck. I guess its a sign of the times.

  4. Rita Perea says:

    Thanks for the comment, Oyvind. My cats also help me find peace in the same way. Just looking at their little faces makes my heart sing! Thanks for sharing about the bond you have with your daughter. You are truly blessed.
    – Rita

  5. Rita Perea says:

    Thanks for the comment, Sandy. I like to use music to enhance my mood, too. There is just something primal about it that stirs my soul.
    – Rita

  6. Rita Perea says:

    Chris, I had to laugh out loud when I pictured people getting stuck in the carts! Thanks for the good belly laugh this morning!
    – Rita

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