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I want to stand up, be counted and give a testimonial shout out to a few blogging friends of mine.   Here’s to Mike Sansone, Sandy Renshaw, and everyone on the I-List.  Let me tell you how they have changed my business life. 

Two years ago I met Mike Sansone at an entrepreneurs’ gathering. There we were, like-minded souls, sharing start-up stories and wine.  We had a nice visit but I couldn’t get my head wrapped around how blogging could be a serious business tool. (Wasn’t that what those cube rat Gen Xers do when they wanted to look busy but not be working?) I liked him well enough and respected his opinion, but I just could not "see" the power of using social media to grow my speaking and coaching business.

Fast forward several months and I was introduced to Sandy. She patiently pitched me on the creation of a blogging website for my business.  I knew that I needed a different website as I had just undergone a rebranding to enhance the business.  But the sites that I saw just did not make sense to me for my business model.  Again, I just didn’t "get" what she was saying to me. 

Ah, that sweet synchronicity!  Sitting at my hair designer’s studio one day, I picked up a copy of Wired magazine and read with interest about how CEOs were using blogs as a tool to build client and stakeholder relationships.  Eureka!!!  That was the key that I was searching for to make sense of this blogging phenomenon.  I started to see the light of the blogosphere shining brightly in front of my eyes.  If the big guys in the C-suite could blog and get results, then, I declared, so could I! 

Immediately, I called Sandy and we discussed the parameters of my new website.  Then I ran into Mike and we discussed how to make a blog entry come to life.  Then I began attending his Central Iowa Bloggers meetings.  The bloggers in Central Iowa have now become my family.  I trust them. I love them.  They give me hints and tips to make my messages clearer; more effective.  They give me hope that I, too, can be a Master Blogger someday.

But, the greatest thing about the ROI that I have gotten from investing the time and energy into the new and improved way that I do business (and it has been a time commitment!) is that just this week I have booked two speaking engagements and have been asked to serve on an Advisory Board as a direct result of my use of social media. That’s right… who knew…by building relationships, building trust and consistency with others in my blogging community, I have gained business. 

To Mike Sansone– thanks for having faith in me that I would one day "see the light".  To Sandy Renshaw– thank you for your patience as we developed a website that I love.  To Timothy Johnson, Art Dinkin, Angela Maiers, Chris Punke and all of my friends on the I-List:  I couldn’t have come this far without your help and support. A heartfelt thanks for your guidance and wisdom.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, I have one question to ask:  What are you waiting for?  If I can do this, so can you!  And there are lots of supportive people out there to help.

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  1. Art Dinkin says:

    The Central Iowa Blogga Nostra is something wonderful. Created from Mike’s thought, it is constantly changing and evolving but yet always seems to be at critical mass. The group (and our blogs) have been the catalyst for connecting our businesses to people with needs for our products and services.
    I wonder if without the social interaction if it would be as effective or if other geographic communities have had the same success?

  2. Rita and Art, I could not agree more. The Blogga Nostra has been a huge catalyst and support system for me. As a new blogger, being around other “master” bloggers gave me hope and inspiration needed to begin and keep going in this amazing blogging journey! And…I have gotten to call great people like you, my friends!

  3. Rita,
    Congratulations on the new business! Keep on bloggin’ – it’s amazing what can happen. Glad you’re part of the Central Iowa Bloggers.
    And thanks for the shout.

  4. Rita Perea says:

    Hey, Sandy, thanks for the comment. You are welcome for the well-deserved shout.

  5. Rita Perea says:

    Thanks, Art, for the insightful comment. You bring up a great question. Maybe we should explore this further.

  6. Rita Perea says:

    Angela, here’s to our journey together. Thanks for the comment and the friendship.

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