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Rita Perea, Keynote Speaker Sought-after keynote speaker, writer, international consultant, and TV/radio personality, Rita Perea promises to add a dynamic dimension to your next meeting or corporate event. The ideas she shares have stood the test of time — in the real world. The principles she conveys are those she follows in her daily life. You simply won’t find a more genuine or relevant keynote speaker!

Measurable Results Beyond ‘Feel Good’ Outcomes

With professional development budgets stretched to the limit, you can’t afford coaching or consulting that merely makes people “feel good.” You expect results — and sooner rather than later. Rita Perea has helped dozens of organizations and individuals:

Managing the Multi-generational Workforce. Today, for the first time ever, four generations are working side-by-side in the American workplace. Organizations are feeling the pain of generation gaps as they struggle to manage productivity and morale, while maintaining high standards of quality in a challenging economy. Rita will identify the unique challenges and frame the solutions for issues created by this new American workforce.

Attract and retain top talent. In a “culture by design,” where people consistently feel valued and motivated, turnover tends to drop dramatically. Rita’s valuable insights can move you toward this kind of workplace.

Achieve an optimal work-life balance. Learn practical solutions for handling a multitude of work responsibilities while maintaining a personal life that keeps you recharged and rejuvenated.

Navigate the pathway of change. Individuals are exposed to changes, both large and small, on a constant basis. Rita’s three-phase process can position your organization to prepare your employees and support them through these transitions.

Boost team productivity. Each team member possesses a special talent. Rita can help identify these characteristics and then channel the group toward successful completion of their responsibilities.

Stimulate healthy dialogue. Even when the topic is difficult, the conversation should be positive — and moving you in a forward direction. Rita can show you how.

Public Speaking Samples

Rita Perea on panel Click here to view Rita Perea on a panel of speakers: Power Breakfast: Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce held by the Business Record on September 21, 2009.

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