Real Reflection

Dear gentle reader,

My, my,  It has been a very long time since my last post.  You might wonder where I have been for such a long time?  In one word:  Reflection.

My business has been thriving.  Speaking, coaching, training. I am now a contributing author to a new book- Awakening the Workplace.  All is very, very good!

With my blogging practice, I had to do what I advise my personal coaching clients to do- step back and be the observer.  Decide what is working and let's change what is not working.

That included taking a good, hard look at the amount of time that I spent blogging and with social media.  It was not working for me to push myself to get up every moring at 4:30 AM  to write and post a blog entry before the official start of my day at 5:30.  Oh, my blog coach loved the dedication.  But I had to take some good, old fashioned reflection time and examine the purpose behind the madness.  Afterall, I had engaged in the practice of blogging to extend and support my message for my clients or potential clients.  I did NOT begin blogging to meet or exceed someone's arbitrary, unfounded criteria for success.  (The mantra "Be sure that you post early and everyday" still rings in my ears!)

With today being the first day of the rest of my life, and having new blogging priorities in hand, I am taking a small step to move out onto the blogging journey again.  But this time, gentle reader, it is only with your needs in mind. 


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  1. Well spoken Rita!
    The key to running a business without letting it run your life is making those tough choices about how much is enough and what’s working for you.
    Have a brilliant Friday!

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