Wisdom for Wednesdays

Professional and personal lives can be so hectic and hurried.  It is tough to know with certainty what to do and when to do it;  How to solve a problem and get the results that you really crave.

To that end, WfW was born.  This is my own little contribution to the world with bits and pieces of wisdom that I have collected, given and received over the years. 

I hope that this series will nourish both your head and your heart; and also get your brain firing on all cylinders to  Lead well, Live well, and Do well. 

WfW: Systems Thinking and Continuous Improvement are two leadership applications that still have tremendous power to change the performance of our work cultures. 

"Leadership is the ability to influence those whom  we do not control." 

Jamshid Gharajedaghi, Systems Thinking: Managing Change, Chaos and Complecisity

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