Wisdom for Wednesdays

Professional and personal lives can be so hectic and hurried sometimes.  It is tough to know with certainty what to do and when to do it;  How to solve a problem and get the results that you really crave.

To that end, WfW was born.  This is my own little contribution to the world with bits and pieces of wisdom that I have collected, given and received over the years. 

I hope that this series will nourish both your head and your heart.

WfW: On the heels of the political Super Tuesday event, here is a quote about power that may really speak to you.   

"Like it or not — and often we don’t — power is a pervasive phenomenon. From midnight decisions in the Oval Office that risk the lives of young Americans to quarrels over the kitchen table, power is part of every human equation. Yes, it can be — and often is — abused, in business as in all arenas of endeavor. But it can also be used to do great good for great numbers. And as a career-building tool, the slow and steady (and subtle) amassing of power is the surest road to success."

Thomas J. "Tom" Peters : US author, lecturer, mgmt consultant; coauthored best-seller, In Search of ExcellenceTom Peters

Source: The Pursuit of Wow!

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  1. mr viruz says:

    nice qoute huh in our society nowadays sad to think but only the powerful has the authority

  2. mr viruz says:

    nice qoute huh in our society nowadays sad to think but only the powerful has the authority

  3. Ellen Weber says:

    Thanks for the great post. It’s a fine reminder that power can be used to create a caring community — and I too have seen it happen. In fact, each time we note its misuse perhaps we should make a power move in the other direction. Think of the synergy exponentially:-) Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Rita Perea says:

    Thanks for commenting on my post, Mr. Viruz. Keep reading!
    – Rita

  5. Rita Perea says:

    Hi Ellen,
    Thanks for your insigntful comment. Creating a caring community is really important, isn’t it? In an effort to “win big” sometimes people forget that power can be used positively.
    – Rita

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