Follow Your Passion

“If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that would not have opened for anyone else.”  – Joseph Campbell

During a recent speaking engagement  a 30-something year old man in the audience rasised his hand and asked, “Do you think passion is important for business leaders?”

My response was, “I think it is the most important ingrediant for success.  You can be intelligent and have great skills as a leader, but without true passion you don’t really reach the zenith.  Without true passion you settle for mediocrity.”

Chances are you are a passionate person.  People who become leaders usually do so because of their enthusiasm for their work, their mission,  for life itself.  We’ve all been around those people.  The air around them seems to crackle with the energy that their excitement radiates.  Wouldn’t you like to be one of those charismatic and passionate  leaders?

Passion drives your purpose.  It’s an internal motivation that keeps you going even when there’s no tangible reward in sight and no reason to stay the course.  It’s a fire that burns despite others’ attempts to extinguish it.

Reflect on the steps you can take to live your passion and then TAKE ACTION:
Be passionate about the work you do.
Have genuine concern for the people you lead.
Express your enthusiasm for what you do both in your work life and your personal life.
Keep external forces from robbing you of your passion.
Continue to strive to make a difference in the world.
Encourage others to live their passion, too.

Live your passion!  Share it with others every chance you get.  I make it a point to mentor and coach others to find their passion and, as Joseph Campbell states,  follow their “bliss”.  You wil feel a great sense of fulfillment and happiness in life and work.

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