Keep Employees Engaged by Building Social Capital

My last post highlighted the research findings of Harvard School of Business Professor Sadun that affirmed success of what I call the “People first; Paper later.” philosophy of management. I have been coaching Executives about the importance of this concept for years and now it is official: Building social capital in your organization is Job #1 for increased financial success.

As a manager and leader you know that it is important to make deposits into each employee’s social capital bank account, but how do you do that? You feel swamped already with your own job responsibilities and aren’t looking for more things to add to your plate.

Try this simple “Building Social Capital” tip: When you arrive at the office tomorrow morning go to the desk of each person that you supervise one at a time, smile and say a big “Good Morning!” Don’t worry about interrupting their work. They will appreciate that you took the time to check in with them. If they happen to be on the phone, just smile, wave and go on to the next desk.

I call this practice “The Morning Rounds”. It is simple, easy, takes just a few minutes and makes huge deposits into the social capital bank account. Just as doctors check in with all of their patients in the hospital each morning to offer supportive compassion and comfort, a leader you can check in with their employees to help them feel like a valued member of the team.

So, go ahead and begin building social capital on your team tomorrow with a quick morning check in. And watch the success of your team grow with all of that social capital fertilizing it!


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