Personal Branding and Executive Presence are Critical to Success

They say that “truth is stranger than fiction”. I believe it! As I was enjoying my morning tea at the local coffee shop, I couldn’t help but overhear two women at the next table. They were talking loudly about people on a list. The older woman was giving the younger woman the rundown about everyone on the list, including using the first and last name of each executive being discussed and the company he/she works for. I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Neither could the rest of the patrons in the coffee shop.

I was fascinated by their description of each person on the list. “Big Cheese”, “travels only with an entourage”, “won’t ever return phone calls”, “huge ego”, “a horrible person”, “she is the first woman”… It was clear that they were describing senior leaders in organizations. The descriptions went on for almost an hour!

This candid conversation is the perfect reminder that personal branding matters and illustrates why the crafting of executive presence is an important investment.

As a senior leader, director, manager, supervisor, and overall nice person, what do people really say about you after they interact with you? Their impressions are created by your personal branding and executive presence. What do you want people to say about you? Effective leaders are clear about the authentic impression that they create and they are mindful to be consistent with that impression.

There are 7 C’s in my own personal branding plan- the things that I want others to say about me after we interact.

Rita is:
Cheerful/ Inspiring
Creative problem solver
Class Act/ Professional
Committed to Client Success

I owe these two women at the coffee shop a debt of gratitude for the great reminder that the perceptions that others have of us become their reality about us.

Consistently managing our authentic personal brand and executive presence is crucial to our continued career success.

Have you crafted your personal brand? What are the seven words that people will use to describe you? If you don’t have your own list of personal branding words, I’ll let you borrow a few of mine.

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