Work-Life Balance

“Many people whose lives are not frantic suffer from ‘stress envy’. They’ve accepted a new definition of the good life: It’s not the quality of life, it’s the quantity. Success is measured by how much you can fit in.”

-Martin Hayward

Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel?  Running fast but getting nowhere?  Do you fall into bed exhausted each night feeling like you haven’t even touched your “to do” list?

Well, you aren’t alone!  In a recent survey, SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Managers, found that 89% of 1043 Americans polled believed that Work/Life Balance is a problem in the U.S.  54% called it a “significant” problem.

Additional findings show that because of the recent economic conditions, some people are experiencing increased demands in their jobs.  This has led to a loss in time with their families and a downturn in personal time.

People are being asked to do more with less and the strain is clearly showing.  Success in life is all about quality, not about the amount of “stuff” you own or the number of appointments you can fit into a 24 hour time slot.

What can you do if you are feeling overwhelmed and over worked?  The Four Keys that I use with my Executive Coaching clients are:

1.   Reflect-  This seems like counter-intuitive advice but it really works.  Take just a little bit of time off.  Get away and with your computer or journal in hand, spend some quality down time reflecting on what is REALLY important in your life.

2.  Plan-  Make a plan to get more of what is important in your life.  Choose the area that is the most “out of whack” first and identify the 3 first steps you will take to get it back in shape.

3.  Act-  Do it!  Act on the plan!  You will feel so empowered to take that first step.

4.  Reflect again… what are the next 3 steps that you want to take to get things back in balance?  Revise your plan to accomplish those next steps to success.  This starts the process all over again.

I always say, “Plan the Work and Work the Plan!”  You will be glad that you did.

Of course, you might explore hiring a professional business coach to assist you with getting your frantic life back into balance again. I know where you can find one!

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